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Love Your Family, But…

success ladder

You always hear it.

You always see it.

Then suddenly it hits you:

“Your life is a direct reflection of the expectations of your peer group.”

Huh? My life what…?

All these times, as I tried to climb the ladder, there have been people pulling me down–very close people indeed–very strongly. Without a doubt, they care for me from the core of their hearts, but… (there’s always a “but,” isn’t there?)

Their standards don’t match mine.

Recently, when a few people heard about a sister’s goals that she has set for herself and the things that she decided she wants (plus the things she won’t settle with), they said to her: “Tu reve en couleur.” Meaning, you’re dreaming in color; you’re being very unrealistic. Do you know how she replied? She said: “I love to dream in color… it’s better than black & white.”

My words exactly.

Imagine yourself as a flower growing tall in a beautiful flower-garden. As you constantly reach for the sky, you grow to be tall enough for others to notice. Now, what can the other flowers do? They can either be happy for you and let you grow even taller (and push themselves to raise their bar) OR they can take a scissor, cut you down, and bring you down to their level. You know what they’ll say: “Welcome back to planet Earth!”

Well, can someone give me ONE example where anything extraordinary happened in human history when someone did NOT go out of their comfort zone and reach for the sky? How did any innovation come about when someone was not ridiculed and called “unrealistic?” Who do you want to be with?

I would take the slightly unrealistic achievers over the realistic non-achievers any day of my life. When others would pull me down, I would draw strength from my slightly unrealistic friends. They encourage me, challenge me, and support me to become the ultimate me that I can possibly be. They show me that a life with constant energy, excitement, and passion is not a dream–it’s a reality waiting for you to embrace it!

O my slightly unrealistic friends!

I may not know you, but I salute you. Always keep moving forward and up the ladder and know that you are not alone. In shaa Allaah, you will touch and fill the void of so many hearts that others can’t even dream of!

So, what’s the secret? It’s really simple: “Love your family, but choose your friends”–very carefully!

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  1. Heba
    March 13 at 1:23 PM

    The Messenger of Allah, sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam, said, “Allah has commanded that everything (one does) they should do it with excellence (ihsan). When you sacrifice, sacrifice well. Sharpen your knife and make it easy for the animal to be slaughtered.” – Muslim

    Brother Sharif, your OUTSTANDING is coming along very nicely indeed! I’m sure your family is very proud! And all the naysayers amongst your friends, well, I’m sure you know how to handle them.

  2. Nahyan
    April 7 at 6:11 PM

    Really nice post mashaAllah

    I liked the story of the flower and indeed it is so true.

    Choosing the right friends can be the make or break factor for so many people’s success. Inshllah we have made and will make the right decision.

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