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Money, Thou Art a Slave; And I, a Master


Is this true:

“We buy things we don’t need, to impress people we don’t like, with money we don’t have?”

While growing up, we all were taught to study hard and do well in school, so that we can get a secure job–one that will pay us enough to live a normal life. It seems that getting a good job or employment was the goal for ALL of our education and degrees–during the time that’s the prime of our youth. Most people won’t admit it, but that’s the bottom-line-message.

What’s up with that?

Instead of mastering money, we’ve become its slaves–literally. People who have mastered money and people who are its slaves, what is the difference? The difference is in how they look at money:

Most folks work to earn. The masters work to learn. Most folks work for money. The masters let money work for them. Most folks see money as an end goal. The masters see money as a tool towards achieving something greater. The more money flows within a community, the more benefits and services are being exchanged between its members.

We can be like the masters if we want to–it’s a matter of choice! Sadly, we have to pick up the real-world financial literacy outside of school. Folks who are wealthy and are financially savvy, should mentor/coach others to follow their footsteps.

How awesome would it be to have the greatest coaches of all–people like Khadeejah and ‘Uthmaan?

They may not be present, but their lessons are–so are those who are following their footsteps. And those lessons are NOT lessons of poverty, but lessons of wealth. They did NOT live a life of taking, but a life of giving. They were not poor in any sense of the word, rather they were rich in all of its meanings! A lack of wealth or poverty has nothing to do with piety–absolutely nothing. An abundance of good wealth, on the other hand, has everything to do with piety and righteousness–absolutely everything.

That’s why our beloved Prophet said: “How excellent is wholesome wealth in the hands of a righteous person!” Surely, money in the hand of a righteous person will spread more righteousness and money in the hand of an evil person will spread more evil.

I love a saying of my coach: “Wealth is just a magnifier of what’s inside one’s heart.”

So, what’s my financial goal? Master money, so it can work for me (not the other way around!), and in shaa Allaah, I will be free to do what I truly love with my life–not only looking at the end-goal, but also enjoying and savoring the process as well.

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  1. Fatima Asmal
    March 7 at 11:54 AM

    Salaamu alaikum Brother Sharif
    I just want to say that I clicked on the link to your blog in DU forums today, and am glad I visited – it made for inspiring reading ma sha Allah.
    Jazakumullahu khayran, and keep it up.
    Fatima (South Africa)

  2. June 10 at 7:56 PM

    Subhan Allah, so true! There are more details about Khadijah and her wealth in this video below if anyone is interested.


    Also, that hadith you quoted, “How excellent is wholesome wealth in the hands of a righteous person!”, is fascinating. Do you know the isnad for it so I can reference it? This is the first time I heard of it.

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